Aqil Chinoy

Aqil Chinoy


Aqil Chinoy is currently Vice-President of National Association of the Deaf (NAD), Vice-Chairman of Yuva Association of the Deaf (YAD), Founder & CEO of inspiralive and Head of Information Technology and Projects at India Signing Hands Pvt. Ltd. (ISH).

I was born “deaf” to loving deaf couples. Having gone through the difficult times in India due to inadequate accessibility for the people with disabilities, my parents, became very determined in ensuring that I get proper education so that I would not be in the same situation they faced.

After passing ICSE, I was then sent abroad to study at Gallaudet University in Washington DC, USA. There I saw huge range of opportunities that were lacking in India. With Bachelors Degree in Computer Science and Information System along with “Phi Alpha Pi Honor”, “Magna Cum Laude” and “President’s Scholars”, I returned to my motherland despite knowing that the services for the deaf are very limited in India compared to USA.

I got employment at A. S. Moloobhoy Pvt. Ltd., the sales and service provider of marine equipment across India. In the early stages, I formed Information Technology department and made the smooth transition from papers to digitalisation. My passion is anything to do with computers – no matter how challenging or tedious, big or small; I will accomplish them successfully because in work, I see no handicap. With my knowledge and skills in hardware, software, network, graphic design, website-programming, e-mail management and server administration, I, as Deputy General Manager of Information Technology, have proven myself to be an important asset in the steady growth and branding of the company, to date.

All the experiences I earned during my studies and employment had strengthened my foundation leading me to the development of new ideas for the deaf community. Apart from the employment, I have spent a great deal of my time in the empowerment of the deaf individuals with several workshops, leadership training, development of informative deaf-friendly accessible websites such as Indian Sign Language Dictionary.

Humility, patience, hard work and firm determination are the qualities of the leadership that the deaf community see in me, and I was nominated / elected to the high positions in the organisations such as Vice-President of National Association of the Deaf, Vice-Chairman of Yuva Association of the Deaf, Advisor of Society for Empowerment of Deaf-Blind and today, President of International Deaf Summit 2020.

In 2014, I made a personal investment in good faith to launch “inspiralive” which is a flexible registered firm consisting of deaf professionals and freelancers brought together to work on projects such as website developments, graphics designs, domain registrations, web-hosting, and utilizing technology for enhancing the brand images of deaf organisations and companies. It is only with God’s grace and due to our hard work that inspiralive prospered steadily over the years.


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