6th India Deaf Expo + 7th India International Deaf Film Festival + 4th Deaf Festival

We are about to experience the biggest inclusive revolution in the era of diversity. This special event combines the best of three major events into one venue. The Millennium Lifetime Achievement Awards, Film Festival, Deaf Innovation Conference, Exhibition & Carnival, Lucky Lottery, International Deaf Open Pageant Show, Talents Show are blended to excellence with one purpose - maintaining Awareness on Deafness.


6th India Deaf Expo

We strive to promote and facilitate one of a kind approach to fix the core issues of differently-abled, namely inclusive globalization and in forms of growth and expansion. This tremendous opportunity to brainstorm about Innovation Technologies, Future of Sign Language, Film Festival, Culture Awareness, Deaf Education etc.

We are calling this International Conference with focused purpose of educating the public about the new reforms in all genres.
It holds various platforms for people to explore, innovate and experience.


7th India International Deaf Film Festival

The Deaf Film Festival serves an amazing purpose to enlighten Deaf audience with global genres of movies shot with sign language. This platform has been an impeccable success to mould and nature many amateur Deaf filmmakers and perform better at international festivals too.

The curtain-raiser events like press meets, opening and closing ceremonies, gala cultural shows, DEAF Film Forum Panel Discussions, Exclusive ‘Red Carpet’ evening screenings for an invited audience, etc., all studded with film celebrities from international, national and popular regional cinema who will dazzle in this most awaited festival.


4th Deaf Festival

This festival aims to reach the ultimate extravagance in fun. Activities such as Deaf Miss India 2020, Art, Silent Music, Dance, Photography Games, etc.

The show will provide an excellent platform to visitors to get an idea about the Deaf culture through performances.